24racketlon.tv Holbæk Racketlonklub wins FIR Champions League 2015

Holbæk Racketlonklub wins FIR Champions League 2015

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Datei 13.09 The team around World Champion Jesper Ratzer defeated the Austrian Champions.

It was a close Match between Holbæk Racketlonklub from Denmark and Sportunion Racketpoint Vienna in the FIR Champions League Final 2015. The reigning Austrian Champions took the lead after tabletennis 35:34. The Danes traditionally won badminton 34:24 and went with a solid 9-point-lead into squash. Surprisingly Austrias jungster Lukas Windischberger lost only 9:11 against World Champion Jesper Ratzer, Christine Seehofer defeatet Holbæk's Martina Meißl 11:6. The danish double turned a 5:6 into a 11:6 win. Racketpoint gets a close 37:32 win in squash. In tennis again Lukas Windischberger surprises, defeats Ratzer 12:10. World number one Seehofer defeats Martina Meißl 11:6 and Vienna was allready celebrating. Again it's the Danish double Christiansen/Jaksland who takes the win against Krenn/Dickert and so the last single between Danish captain Emil Bergander and Peter Duyck will bring the decicion. The Belgium playing for Austria cannot deal with the pressure, Bergander takes a close 12:10 win and the Champions League crown. 

Text: Peter Robič, Photo: RFA

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